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Hello again. Sorry it’s been so long, but Stealing Wax is finally back.

To make up for the recent lack of contact, here’s a little gem from the every expanding catalogue of J Dilla tribute work: currently one of my favourite things!

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Smoking in Heaven Album CoverFor an album created by three young siblings in their garage, Smoking in Heaven is a surprisingly accurate piece of rootsy, nostalgic Americana. The multi-talented, multi-instrumental trio have already garnered quite a celebrity following, including the likes of Amy Winehouse, Chris Martin, Eagles Of Death Metal, Dustin Hoffman and Ewan McGregor. It’s easy to see why. Lewis, an passionate DJ and collector of 78s, built the studio in which the entire album was recorded. The songs were all tracked on Lewis’ mid-century equipment. The result is a sound that’s analogue, crackly and warm, just like all the best old R&B records. The accuracy to which this young group captures the spirit of this music is as surprising as it is refreshing. Trombones, accordions, lap-steels, harmonicas and other instruments are all played with equal capability. This is a true nostalgic gem: an light-hearted, uplifting album for the summer.

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