Breaking new ground beyond the psychedelic synth/pop footsteps of his debut, Chaz Bundick’s latest release effortlessly hurdles second album syndrome. Rather than relying on studio techniques, Under The Pine gets its aesthetic from the introduction of live playing. This development appears to be a wise move, as the 23-year-old bedroom producer keenly dodges any pigeonholes that his first record may have sent him toward. A thinner but equally lovely production style now replaces the overly saturated electro production of his debut, Causers of This. There are now elements of J Dilla, Animal Collective and even Sly and The Family Stone where other influences, such as Daft Punk and French house, used to dominate. Reverb drenched vocals, picked bass, analogue synths and a refreshing retro-funk feel make Under The Pine a sure-fire underground hit.

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