With their tasteful vocal harmonies, dynamic arrangements and undeniable pop appeal, the Common Tongues are definitely a band to keep a beady eye. However, with modern folk being so saturated, this Brighton five-piece might struggle to move beyond the inevitable associations with groups like Mumford and Sons. But if their recent performance at Brighton’s Concorde2 was anything to go by, they certainly have the potential.

Performing in aid of the Our Sansar charity, who are dedicated to fighting poverty around the world, The Common Tongues showed exactly what touring experience can do for a band. After a summer chock-full of shows, their live performance has clearly benefited. The rhythm section gelled smoothly and the various layers of each song seemed well considered. It was also nice to hear a group who aren’t afraid to throw in a few unexpected treats, such as their impromptu cover of Dizzee Rascal’s Dance With Me.

As always though, there was room for improvement. In the quieter moments of the set the instrumentation seemed to lack poignancy, as the two acoustics battled for frequency. Also, their mid-song banter seemed a little un-assured. All this is simply nit-picking though, as they’re an act with clear potential. If it’s clean, folk/pop that you like, Common Tongues do the job better than most.