Having recently upstaged Islet at Brighton’s Hope, Soccer 69 are one of the few young, unsigned acts able to balance great musicianship and taste. Their blend of electro, trip-hop and jazz is very Flying Lotus in its progressiveness. If you think of the more climactic moments of DJ Shadow you’re pretty much on the right track. Despite their obvious skill with analogue synths and effects, it’s the superb drumming really takes this two-piece above the rest. Yes, they still sound raw and unpolished, as their EP was recorded on a shoe-string budget, but the talent and potential is so undeniably clear.

There’s a lo-fi charm to their self-titled debut that should get the heads of innovative independent labels like Tru Thoughts turning. Not only are they still stupidly young but they already know how to take a listener on a journey. The opening track Monster Stomp flows seamlessly into the next like it were a prog classic. Each track rising and falling in a mouth-watering, beat-driven jam that’ll have drummers and synth fans foaming at the lips.

The truth is, they need some money, they need a decent studio and they need a pro producer. What they’ve done so far is remarkable but with so much potential, it would be a waste to see them fall through the gaps of the unsigned world. They’re one of those groups that get you saying, “where the hell did these guys come from?”