After numerous setbacks and over a decade of touring and writing with Europe’s elite, Swedish pop guru Robyn would be forgiven for getting a little self-indulgent. But, with the release of Body Talk pt 2, the second in her 2010 trilogy, it’s clear she’s still on the money. The single, Hang With Me is a lesson in well-balanced electro/pop songwriting, as her lyrics lend enough emotional sincerity to make what would otherwise be a shameless club track, a genuine TUNE. And this sets the tone for the whole album. While it feels very much like a modern R&B/ club record, Robyn’s performance gives the whole thing that something extra.

For example, the tongue-in-cheek, You Should Know Better, featuring Snoop Dogg, is brilliantly crass. While Snoop’s contribution is typically “Eazy, for sheezy deezy”,  Robyn delivers lines like, “Yo, I was there at Watergate/ You know I rigged my gear got them fuckers on tape/ they put the mic in the hand of the wrong MC/ even the CIA know not to fuck with me.” It basically sounds like an intelligent Black Eyed Peas.

Being titled Indestructible, the closing track is a big middle finger to her doubters: three albums in one year; potential hits on every record; Robyn isn’t going away soon. Released on September 6th, Body Talk pt 2 shows Robyn in prolific if not stellar form. It’s pop with a vengeance.