Hailing from Senegal, now based in London and French by nationality, the ever diverse Franz Kirmann recently released Liza, his new five track EP. As a previous film student some of Kirmann’s influences are somewhat left field, as he cites seminal Chinese director, Wong Kar Wai and other notable figures, such as Michelangelo Antonioni and Sergio Leone, as being massively inspirational to him. These names hint at the cinematic quality of Kirmann’s sound, as do the musical influences he cites, such as Sonic Youth, Pan American and Fennesz. Although it has to be said that Liza bears more similarity to Atlas Sound, Susumu Yokota, Murcof or essentially anything in Leaf Records’ early back catalogue.

Throughout Liza there are elements of Caribou and Boards Of Canada but with a more minimal aesthetic. Soft pads and sparse instrumentation is underpinned at times by what can only be described as organic, Kraut-inspired house beats. The downside is that the EP is sustained by three remixes, making Liza seem more like a single release. That said, any fan of the aforementioned groups or filmmakers is likely to really dig this down-tempo gem. If minimal soundscapes are your thing then definitely check this out.