All We Grow is the charming debut album from Sean Carey, drummer, pianist and backing vocalist in Bon Iver. Out on Aug 24th it was composed and recorded during Carey’s breaks between touring and as such displays his patient style of composition. Similar to Bon Iver but different enough to warrant appreciation, his style is very much on the atmospheric side of things. Repetitive piano parts, multiple layers and lush arrangements meet to make it a great headphone/ nighttime album.

In the soft harmonies, multi-tracked vocals, drones and arpeggiated instrumental parts, All We Grow does have many distinct similarities to Bon Iver, which may well sit awkwardly with some critics. However, due to its clean production quality and varied instrumentation, All We Grow has arguably more dynamic reach than Bon Iver. His background as a jazz drummer allows Carey to create interesting rhythms and his piano parts give the record a welcome depth. The truth is, if you like getting lost in an album, All We Grow will more than satisfy. Think Sigur Rós meets Bon Iver on a winter’s night.