In an undertaking that will have music fans, historians and teachers salivating at the very prospect, Brian Wilson today released his album of Gershwin classics. Available on Sep 6th in the UK, Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin is a lovingly put together collection of timeless Gershwin songs, such as Rhapsody in Blue, I Got Rhythm and Someone To Watch Over Me. In true Wilson style the album is rich with multiple harmonies and intricate arrangements. His version of They Can’t Take That Away From Me, is particularly impressive, as it sounds like it were lifted from any mid-60s Beach Boys record. Although, the true gems of the record have to be the Wislon/ Gershwin co-writes. That’s right, the Gershwin estate gave Wilson access to over 100 unfinished Gershwin songs and two of those, The Like In I Love You and Nothing But Love, now feature on the record.

In an effort to remain objective it has to be said there are a couple of flaws in the album, as the overly slick production removes much of these songs’ nostalgic qualities. Also, certain tracks simply don’t compete with the originals. Summertime just isn’t the same without the perfect intonation of Billie Holiday. However, these must be seen as minor issues, as there really isn’t another person on the planet that could do such an accomplished and respectful job as Brian Wilson. One might admit this is essentially a collector’s album but you can’t deny the feeling you get listening to those distinctive harmonies. Despite some minor blemishes Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin is, on the most part, an absolute joy to listen to. Stand out tracks are Rhapsody In Blue, The Like In I Love You, Nothing But Love and You Can’t Take That Away From Me.