For the third time in succession the unlikely duo of Isobel Campbel & Mark Lanegan have produced an album that proves their doubters wrong. Their latest effort, Hawk sees them once again combine their seemingly conflicting talents to good effect. It may be the vision and song writing talent of Isobel Campbell that drives the project but it is once again their unorthodox alchemy that makes Hawk what it is. Exhibiting Isobell Campbell’s ability to combine all forms of Americana, from Folk to Soul, it substantiates her credentials as a serious song writer.

2006’s Broken Dreams, the duo’s first outing, received much praise and, while Hawk deserves no less, it does lack the element of surprise the first record had. To compensate for this Campbell, who wrote and produced most of the album, has for a few songs employed extra help in the form of Willy Mason and Ex-Smashing Pumpkin, James Iha. While these collaborative nuggets give the record slightly more variety than previous albums, they come at the expense of the pure gold that Campbell and Lanegan can conjure as a pair. That said, from the cutthroat blues of Get Behind Me to the gospel-tinged Latley, Hawk proves that Isobel Campbell & Mark Langegan are still a force to be reckoned with.