Released last week, Kaleide is the new album from Leeds three-piece, Sky Larkin. As a young group they have, perhaps sensibly, decided to solidify their style rather than stray from the pop-grunge formula used on their first record, The Golden Spike. From the opening brawn of Still Windmills to the delicately introspective finale, Smarts, this record shows the band’s appreciation and talent for dynamics. With no song over four minutes it’s also a lesson in brevity but, with so many interesting ideas, Sky Larking aren’t a group who should avoid length for fear of being boring.

Featuring elements of the Breeders, Violent Femmes and Dinosaur Jr. there’s a distinct US influence, especially in lead singer Katie Harkin’s suspiciously mid-Atlantic voice. However, they’re clearly much more than a copycat grunge act, as displayed by the bouncing Sparks-esq organ parts in Anjelica Huston. Also, the off-kilter rhythms of Spooktacular display a creativity with rhythm that should set them apart from most “Kick-Snare” Indie groups. Having already supported The Cribs and racked up some positive critical support Sky Larkin look in very good shape. With all its gusto and sharpness Kaleide is an assured release from a group with doubtless potential.