LP4 is the follow up to the duo’s critically acclaimed 2008 release LP3. With much of it conceived and recorded during LP3’s prolific sessions you’d be forgiven for expecting a similar sound from 2010’s effort. That isn’t the case however, as the Washington-based pair made courageous decisions during the album’s recording. Having incorporated a wider range of sounds and instruments they describe it as a weirder record than its predecessor. Featuring many spoken word interludes – including samples from such cult films as Terrance Mallick’s ‘Days Of Heaven’ and Werner Herzog’s ‘Stroszeck’ – LP4 definitely has a cinematic quality. Ratatat’s newfound adventurousness may in part be down to their recent success as hip-hop producers. Their one-time hobby saw commercial light as they provided two tracks for Kid Kuti’s debut album including the single, ‘Pursuit Of Happiness,’ which they performed live on Letterman in 2009. With more of their characteristic harmonised guitars and vintage beats, LP4 will gratify existing Ratatat fans along with audiophiles the world over.