While they would be the easiest ones to use, the terms expansive and progressive have connotations that don’t do justice to Field Music’s latest release, Field Music (Measure). This 20-song, double-album epic is in many ways typical of the Brewis brothers, however, it displays a freedom and open-mindedness that replaces the conceptuality and precision of previous albums. Since the critically acclaimed Tones of Town, three years have passed and so too have the pigeonholes that would’ve otherwise threatened to make this release quite predictable. Where once the group would’ve strived for perfection they now favour personality and where once they aimed for intricacy they now seek feeling. From Fleetwood Mac to Roxy Music and Crazy Horse to XTC, the array of influences that flicker through the album give one the impression that both Peter and David Brewis are now totally comfortable in their musical skin. Every now and then you find an album that challenges and rewards you in equal measure and the aptly named Field Music (Measure) is definitely one of those.