Following in the current trend for female-fronted electro/pop Ellie Goulding is the latest artist to be championed by many in the industry as the next big thing. Although her non-offensive brand of R&B inspired electro may seem a bit worn her unique voice and production style make her debut album ‘Lights’ hard to ignore, not least because it’s exactly the kind of thing that induces mass-salivation among radio pluggers.

Perhaps trying too hard to manufacture a distinctive vocal sound is Ellie’s main fault, as she verges on insincerity for most of the album, at times even sounding like she’s trying to rip off T2’s recent radio hit ‘Heartbroken.’ If you’re aware of this song’s ability to annoy you might find ‘Lights’ a little too sweet, like an undiluted Ribena. Nonetheless, ‘Lights’ is ultimately a confident debut, which has the potential to propel Ms. Goulding to the dizzy heights of chart success but is also exactly the type of album that’ll leave her with nowhere to go but down.